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Love Live Season 2, Episode 1

μ’s is facing new challenges. Their third-year girls are about to graduate and the idol group is going to face their rival A-Rise. Among the chaos reveals a Lord and Savior. Bow down before the Honogod!

Good start, of course. Looks like another (forced) drama is on the way. Honoka’s imouto Yukiho looks hot as ever. And Honoka actually stopping the rain? Awesome~! Step aside, Jesus Christ and Madokami. A true Lord and Savior has come.

By the way, hot spring next episode. Yay!

Sakura Trick, Episode 12

So I guess Mitsuki is hopeless in the end. I was really hoping for a major NTR to happen. Well I hope Rina will comfort her in their time together.

And seriously, when will Yuzu and Kaede do it?

Anyways, I am happy that Sakura Trick and Kill la Kill ended (almost) happily. Now, what should I watch for the next season?

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